Drinkathalon Party Board Game

by edwin - on July 30th, 2009

The next time you want to throw a party, make sure you have this $14.95 Drinkathalon Party Board Game. After all, what’s the point of a party if you can’t let your hair down with your friends to paint the town red? This is touted to be the ultimate assortment in sports related drinking competition, where there are at least 10 drinking contests stored within, and can cater anywhere from 4 to 16 athle-oholics (now that’s a new term), all packaged within a too obvious keg-shaped tin! Accessories within the Drinkathalon Keg Game includes 4 red shot glasses, 4 blue shot glasses, a mini football, a ping-pong ball, a rubber ball, 4 mini hockey pucks, a die, & easy-to-follow game rules.

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