Chip Shotz Golfer

by edwin - on July 6th, 2009

Avid golfers will tell you that they are pretty much single minded in making sure they get their weekly round into their schedules, regardless of how many business appointments there are out there to cram into an already packed calendar. What happens during crunch periods in your company where you really don’t have any time at all for yourself on the greens? Check out the Chip Shotz Golfer that allows you to goof off at your cubicle, where you can design your own course by arranging various accessories including greens, trees, water hazard and bunker on your desk. Chips are made by flicking the handle on the back of your little golfer. It does take a fair amount of time and skill to discover just how much power will result in the chip, and there is no power meter to refer to unlike golf in video games. Either let your golf-loving superior in on this $15.95 toy, or make sure he doesn’t see you playing with it during working hours. There is no middle ground.

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