Animated Ominous Eyes

by edwin - on July 22nd, 2009

Get your Halloween preparations early this year by heading towards Hammacher online, checking out the Animated Ominous Eyes in the process.

These illuminated, blinking eyes project a sinister gaze at visitors as they approach your home, giving guests the eerie feeling they are being watched. The eyes adhere to a window with the built-in suction cups, set up in your yard with the included lawn stakes, or hang in bushes, and can be set to blink slowly or project a fixed, ominous stare. Using electroluminescent technology (the same backlighting used in automotive instrument panels), the pupils and eyelids project a bright red glow that is clearly visible day or night. The device does not use LEDs or traditional light bulbs, eliminating the need to purchase replacement lighting. Set of two.

Each $39.95 purchase comes with a trio of AAA batteries. Spooky.

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