Ambushing Arachnid scares the heck outta some folks

by edwin - on July 20th, 2009

Halloween’s still a long ways off, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the necessary adjustments to make sure that everyone will remember your antics for 2009 where Halloween is concerned. Enter the Ambushing Arachnid – we’re pretty sure it is able to provide more than a few scares especially to those who suffer from arachnophobia. This sound activated device will let out storm sounds alongside thunder and some screaming, where after three seconds, it will drop nearly 5 feet downwards while toting a web-like lattice work that obscures the restraining cord. It will be another 10 seconds before the arachnid returns to its original place. Not too sure if the $79.95 asking price is worth it or not.

Product Page via Nerd Approved

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