Wobble Board for added stability and strength

by edwin - on June 28th, 2009

We know that the Wii Balance Board has been making waves all over the place for folks who love some casual gaming at home, but the Wobble Board you see here looks rather ridiculous, don’t you think? While some might pooh pooh it as a strange way to spend one’s time, it actually touts itself to be a very effective method to improve your balance, increase core strength and rehabilitate your body right after an illness or injury.

From staying fit and healthy in everyday life to increasing your coordination and core strength for sports training, the benefits of an Adjustable Balance Board are well documented. Just a few minutes each day is a great way to increase core strength, recover from an ankle or lower leg injury and restore damaged proprioception, which is the body’s unconscious ability to sense movement and know where our limbs are without looking. There are loads of different core stability exercises you can try and the wobble board is easily adjustable, allowing you to choose your difficulty setting and increase it as your balance and core stability improve. Anti-slip top and rocker help keep your feet planted securely on the wobble board, which is surprisingly lightweight too, making it easy to set up and put away again. Get your Adjustable Balance Board today for a fun and effective way to improve your balance, core strength and range of movement.

We’re not too sure just how true the claims are, but if you’re willing to part with £19.95 to find out, do leave a comment and let us know how the experience went.

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