Wearable Towel in no (wo)man’s land

by edwin - on June 19th, 2009

There are some places where no fashion minded person ought to tread, and perhaps the Wearable Towel is one of those areas. Check out the product description and come to your own conclusion.

“The Wearable Towel ($19) has three arm openings placed along the side and does not employ the use of any fastener. The Wearable Towel is unisex and can be worn in either a tunic style or a toga style.”

Heck, what’s wrong with wrapping a regular sized towel around your body in the first place? After all, you aren’t going to be walking around in your home in nothing but a towel, and a wet one to boot once you’re done bathing, right?

Product Page via Likecool

0 thoughts on “Wearable Towel in no (wo)man’s land”

  1. Phoghat says:

    Wouldn’t wear this on a bet

  2. benny says:

    i’m sold!

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