The Outlet Wall for those tired of cable management

by ally - on June 18th, 2009

Whoever created this, was likely one of the many that found themselves at the end of their rope when it comes to cable management.  No one likes it and even when you’re careful, cords tend to get tangled.  So instead of working hard to hide the cords, they made an entire wall full of outlets and featured the cords instead.  You wouldn’t have to make all of the outlets active of course, but enough to make sure you can artfully plug in your electronics.  Although could you imagine if after doing all of this work, you discovered you were going to have a little kid running around?  The insane amount of outlet covers that would be needed would be insane, plus it just wouldn’t look quite as interesting.

Source: Coolbuzz

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  1. That is a fantastic concept. Imagine the amount of cables inside that wall!

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