Tengu Allstars make an appearance

by edwin - on June 18th, 2009

Remember the Tengu desktop toy? Well, it is now back in a different form factor albeit bearing similar functionality – the Tengu Allstars will still require you to plug into an available USB port, where he will start to sing according to the type of music you’re currently playing over your computer’s MP3 player of choice. In addition, you can choose from Rotten, Stardust and Woodstock models that are three totally new characters, where each of them will be accompanied by a bunch of zany stickers for you to “dress” them up as you wish, complementing the really huge afro. Individual Tengu Allstars come with their own style and color to depict a specific time and music era, retailing for $40 a pop.

Product Page via Likecool

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