Radio Controlled Rat

by edwin - on June 12th, 2009

Some women I know might be mighty strong on the career and emotional front, but when faced with a rat scurrying across the floor, they let out a banshee-rivaling scream and jump on top of the nearest piece of furniture. Those are the ladies whom you should get the Radio Controlled Rat for as a surprise present when the next April Fool’s day arrives, as it features a textured body to give it that realistic look alongside glowing red eyes that might fool some into thinking that this is an escaped experiment from Skynet’s factories. Powered by 3 AA and 1 9v battery, the Nasty Hairy Radio Controlled Rat is controlled by a small radio remote, retailing for $19.95 – just make sure you don’t venture beyond 50 feet of this unless you want to lose control of it from afar.

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