Mossad Reappearing Ink Pen

by edwin - on June 4th, 2009

We’ve seen the KGB Disappearing Ink Pen yesterday, and here’s the Mossad Reappearing Ink Pen to counter such a zany device. This is notably more expensive at $29.99 (how come Russian products seem to be cheaper?!?), and the Mossad Reappearing Ink Pen will feature temperature sensitive ink to get you going on your spying sprees.

There is no better way to pass secret notes than the Mossad Reappearing Ink Pen. And because it’s a gel pen, you don’t need to press hard (so you won’t leave any telltale indentations on the paper). So get a Mossad Reappearing Ink Pen now!

Just bear in mind that technology has not progressed to such an extent that the Mossad pen is meant to be used only on white paper.

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