Laughing Roly Poly Animals

by edwin - on June 8th, 2009

Kids have it great these days with an unprecedented amount of toys at their disposal, when back in the days of my childhood, my parents gave me a book or some crayons and a paper to “entertain myself” which I promptly did, only to make the wall my canvas instead of the paper, resulting not in praises for being a budding Michaelangelo but a hiding of my life that I’ll never forget. Well, if you want to keep kids happy, why not get them the Laughing Roly Poly Animals? Available in either a Monkey or Dog species, they will roll about while letting out a hyena-like laugh as long as the batteries within have some juice. They’re activated via a motion sensor, and could get rather irritating after a while, making you wonder whether the ¬£19.99 you forked out for those was worth it or not.

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  1. Michelle says:

    soooooooo funny!! i bought the roly poly laughing cat for my niece for christmas – my mum and i were in stitches laughing! i almost didnt want to give it away! 10/10!

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