Kaleidoscopic Pool Cruising Fish

by edwin - on June 8th, 2009

So you happen to have a swimming pool and want to have a pond as well, but your front lawn has not enough space to house either? Take the short cut with the Kaleidoscopic Pool Cruising Fish – it will cruise about your swimming pool while letting out an array of lights that will shimmer upon the water’s surface and through its depths. It is made out of a durable ABS body with pliable PVC fins and tail, going about quietly in random patterns through your pool for up to eight hours before its three AA batteries run out of juice. Nice to know you don’t have to clean up your pool of fish poo after that, making this $39.95 toy more relaxing than an aquarium screensaver.

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  1. Jack says:

    You should do everything that you can in order to maintain the cleanliness of your pool. If it takes you to pay some amount of money just to keep the cleanliness of your pool then you must do it.

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