Fruits Palette add mood lighting to your bath

by ally - on June 29th, 2009

Most people just need a bath tub and maybe a little bubble bath when they soak in the tub.  However, I can see the perk of having cute little lights that float along with you in the tub.  Yet, of course Japan gadget makers couldn’t leave it at just a simple LED gadget, no, they had to make it in the shape of fruit.  So if you’ve always been dying to soak in the tub with plastic LED fruit, now is your chance.  The light will project patterns onto the walls and ceiling in your bathroom.  These of course come in flavors not colors, like Lemon Yellow, Pink Grapefruit and Lime Green Lime.  You can purchase these outside of Japan for $32 a piece at the HimeyaShop.

Source: Technabob

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