Bandai Micro Toys are toys for your bottled water

by ally - on June 23rd, 2009

Here’s another toy straight from Japan that’s a little baffling.  The toy is meant to just hang out in bottled water and float around.  No, there really isn’t a point to them.  They come in various colors and will be available in the shape of a jellyfish, squid and octopus.  The Bandai micro toys are available in Japan for $6.  Of course those outside of Japan will have issues getting them, which I’m sure is heartbreaking news for many of you.

Source: Newlaunches

17 thoughts on “Bandai Micro Toys are toys for your bottled water”

  1. Clayton says:

    There is SOME point. We made these in science class in elementary school. They have an air bubble inside them. When you squeeze the bottle, the pressure increases, the bubble shrinks, and the squid is less buoyant, so it floats to the bottom.

    OK, I admit that doesn’t offer much more of a point. But it was a good science lesson!

  2. Shippo says:

    I sure hope they start importing these soon. They’re so darn cute, and my friend would find it most entertaining.

  3. FiM says:

    it is kinda hard to find it in other countries ):
    i want to get one!!~~~ Should be able to get it in AFA09 SG

  4. Fill says:

    I think Clayton might be right. I can’t believe a company would make something that is an obvious choking hazard that you are supposed to put in your drink!

  5. FiM says:

    it’s just like a toy fish in a tank, but instead it is a bottle..
    i just bought 2 nt long ago in singapore, it is available there alrdy
    though after playing with it for a certain time will makes you feel all bored
    but it still remains as cute as ever 😀

  6. Toys for bottle water? My water has never even hinted that it would like toys. So who knew?

  7. scotti says:

    Does it come with a manual on how to do the Heimlich maneuver?

  8. &roo says:

    ahh.. good to see the obvious choke/die issue has been need for my comment…

  9. xinyun says:

    can someone tell me how this works? I bought them in japan, hence their manuals are in japanese, and I cant read them. So can Anyone just kindly teach me how to use them?

  10. Clayton says:


    Do they just sit in the bottle? Or are they supposed to do something? If they are what I suggested above, then you throw it in a bottle of water, cap the bottle, and squeeze it – The thing should float down when you squeeze, and rise back up when you release.

  11. Ben says:

    I just bought one and I tried to do the squeeze thing but it doesnt do anything any ideas?

  12. Amir says:

    It seems like its just another one of Japans useless but adorable inventions. Its probably some light weight plastic material/sponge that does literally nothing other than float around in your water bottle.

    I don’t think I’m too worried about a choking hazard. If its meant to float around, when you tilt the bottle up it should rise to the top.

    Plus, if you choke on something that big because you forgot that you put it in your waterbottle, I feel there are bigger problems at hand here.

    I want one.

  13. Nick says:

    Can you provide the website you obtained one of these from Xinyun?

  14. I love Japan and all of their pointless cute accessories.

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