Rubik’s Cube decked out with Swarvoski Crystals

by ally - on May 10th, 2009

If you loved the classic Rubik’s Cube, well now you can own a Swarvoski crystal covered version.  Like most items featuring the infamous crystals, there is little to no point and for that you’ll end up paying quite a bit.  It doesn’t say exactly how many stones are on it, but just about every square is covered on the 3x3x3 cube.  All stones were placed by hand and thankfully the crystals won’t interfere with using it.  You can purchase this on Etsy for $70, so probably not something you’d want to use on a regular basis.

Source: Bookofjoe

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  1. Mike says:

    It doesn’t have to tell you how many crystals there are.

    25 crystals per square
    225 crystals per side

    225 X 6 sides = 1350

    1350 – 25 missing from the white side =

    1325 total crystals.


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