Plug Mug

by edwin - on May 20th, 2009

This is one of the more hilarious mugs we’ve come across to date and would make for a pretty funny gift for your colleague. After all, it helps carve a smile on your face without using a single phrase or sentence, instead coming in a form of an unplugged mug that has hot tea (or a beverage of choice) spilling out all over should somebody decide to nick your mug when you’re not looking. While you might be labeled as selfish for not wanting to share your mug, it pays to be safe rather than sorry with all sorts of flu bugs going around these days. Definitely worth a second look and every penny that makes up the $18.99 price tag with the Plug Mug.

0 thoughts on “Plug Mug”

  1. L says:

    this is a novelty mug that comes with a plug in it that can be removed so that if you leave it on your desk and someone steals it they cannot use it…..its to stop office mug stealers…its nothing to do with frozen in time tea??? Did you even read the product discription?

  2. johonn says:

    no kidding, I can overlook the bad writing, but total inability to read seems a bit much, no?

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