Ketchup Charlie Spread Head

by edwin - on May 25th, 2009

You know how good table manners involve not having your kids play with their food? Well, sad to say that the Ketchup Charlie Spread Head does otherwise as it encourages those with a playful streak in them to have more fun around the dinner table, turning the bland old ketchup bottle into an instant toy. All you need to do is replace the ketchup cap with Ketchup Charlie’s Spread Head and see his nose run red all over your food of choice. All you need to do is twist and squeeze – it can’t get any easier than that. You can pick up the Ketchup Charlie Spread Head for $3.99 a pop.

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  1. We have a Father’s Day special: buy 3 Spread Heads at regular price and get the 4th Spread Head free!

    Check out the website for more details.

    *Order by June 17th to insure delivery for Father’s Day.

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