Fire Wire BBQ Skewers

by edwin - on May 14th, 2009

When I first saw the word Fire Wire BBQ Skewers, I thought it had something to do with the data transfer standard found on computers, but realized that it is nothing but an ingenious skewer that aims to ease your BBQ moments by being all bendy cables that can be draped over the grill according to the way you like it. This helps save more space on the grill for other more essential items, including steak and sausages.

Most metal skewers are prone to rust, but not these babies – they’re 100% stainless steel which means that not only are they durable, they won’t conduct heat as quickly leaving your delicate fingertips intact. The less said about wooden skewers the better really. You can’t reuse them, they catch fire REALLY easily and with every bite your BBQ guests have to negotiate their way round a wooden spike (you try removing one from a kebab – it’s almost impossible without a pair of pliers, and who brings those to a party?). The Fire Wire BBQ Skewers will revolutionize the way you barbecue.

The Fire Wire BBQ Skewers can be yours for £9.99, and remember – you can’t plug these into your computer.

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  1. Lars Clausen says:

    My father-in-law wrote a review of these for a local paper. I didn’t like them, they were unhandy when trying to turn them and because they’re actually smaller threads wound together, the food doesn’t come off as easily. Only if you absolutely must place your grillables in a non-linear manner are these even remotely better than plain straight stainless steel skewers.

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