Chug Meter Beer Mug

by edwin - on May 6th, 2009

You know guys and their silly games – we tend to think of the craziest ideas and challenge one another in an act of buffoonery – perhaps that is why guys tend to die younger than women due to their lack of foresight. Many folks I know like a cold beer or two, but not plenty of them love sculling the amber liquid. If you think otherwise, then the Chug Meter Beer Mug is just the thing for you – each Chug Meter Mug increment of 10 oz comes with a different measure of your manliness, where you start from the super weak 10 oz level of “You are a Disgrace to this Mug” to “What is Wrong with You” to the final level of official “Badass.” Made from sturdy thick glass that can hold around 60 oz., this 9″ tall mug will retail for $24.95 a pop.

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