Bug Plug Bee Guard

by edwin - on May 8th, 2009

I’m not sure how many times someone has been stung just because a bee (or some other nasty bug) flew into your open can of soda without you noticing it, only to get (literally) bee-stung lips without having to go to the plastic surgeon. The paranoid among us can always settle for the Bug Plug Bee Guard, where it comes in red, white, blue, yellow and green colors. All you need to do is open the can, slide on the tab, rotate it and you’re good to go. The moral of the story? Drink your opened drinks fast if you want to avoid getting bitten or stung by some wayward insect who mistook your drink for a pot of honey.

One thought on “Bug Plug Bee Guard”

  1. Shelly says:

    can you tell me where I can order these. The bugplugbeeguard.com is not working

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