Bottle Folding Umbrella

by edwin - on May 3rd, 2009

What you see here is not actually a “bottle” bottle, but it comes with a built-in umbrella that shields you from the sun and rain whenever you open the top of the bottle and pull it out. Perfect to tote around without taking up too much space when traveling, and you can choose from blue, pink and white colors. The Bottle Folding Umbrella is made from aluminum and plastic, and will retail for $10 a pop. It would be nice to see something like this being sold at departmental stores and drugstores as you never know when the weather changes these days.

0 thoughts on “Bottle Folding Umbrella”

  1. Charley Kane says:

    Good idea actually, when youre done with it you can put it back in the bottle and put it in your bag or backpack without getting everything wet.

  2. edwin says:

    Yeah, only thing is, the metal bits and pieces in there will rust for sure if you forget to air the umbrella 🙁

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