Beer Barrel Mini Speaker

by edwin - on May 24th, 2009

Now here’s a beer barrel that you ought to be able to carry without any problem – after all, who can’t do so with something that measures a mere 6.8cm x 5.5cm? We’re not sure whether the $9 price point is worth it or not, but you can just about use the Beer Barrel Mini Speaker anywhere as long as they are dancing to the tune of a 3.5mm jack. Don’t expect the audio quality of this to bring the house down though – you’ll be sorely disappointed otherwise.

0 thoughts on “Beer Barrel Mini Speaker”

  1. Passenger57 says:

    Think it’s a bit of a gimmick really, especially at $9. Doubt you’d get much more speaker than what’s already in, say an iPhone. I’m planning on ordering a “KBox” that I found online yesterday.


  2. Passenger57 says:

    Not sure why the link didn’t show up.

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