ZapCap Bottle Opener

by edwin - on April 6th, 2009

If you haven’t mastered the art of opening up bottle caps with your mouth just like those pirates of yore and battle-weary tavern buddies, how about picking up the ZapCap Bottle Opener that will save you some trouble?

The ZapCap Bottle Opener is a stylish, Stainless steel bottle opener that sports a unique push and pop-off design; just push down and the bottle top pops off, easy! It’s lovely and simple to use, requires little arm strength and there’s even a built-in magnet to keep hold of the bottle top and prevent it pinging off and careering across the kitchen. The ZapCap Bottle Opener works with all crown and twist-off bottle tops found on beers, juices, water and soft drinks. Kit out your kitchen with one today and impress your mates with your push and pop technique!

Not too sure whether this will win you points with the ladies at the bar though, but females who love knocking down a few bottles of beer to relax will definitely find this £8.95 device a boon as there is no need to risk those freshly painted nails breaking.

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