Yelpie Portable Safe

by edwin - on April 14th, 2009

Do you happen to have a nosey colleague at the office who can’t seem to mind his/her own affairs without butting in at every single opportunity? After all, you surely have not forgotten about the time where he/she went through your personal documents while you’re not around, only to be told that he/she was just “clearing up your desk” as a goodwill gesture. Yeah, right – when pigs fly. The Yelpie Portable Safe might bring in a childish streak to the mood at the office, but if it keeps busybodies away from your place, why not? After all, it comes with a 90dB motion sensing alarm and personal PIN code security that ought to be a decent enough deterrent while holding down your keys, cell phones, sunglasses and other miscellaneous small items. All this for £36.95, although we would prefer a drawer with a decent lock that’ll probably cost less.

Product Page via TRFJ

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