World of Warcraft releases Latex Masks and Prosthetic Kits

by ally - on April 9th, 2009

I always love a well done gaming oriented costume, I can’t help it, it’s just the gaming geek in me.  Well apparently Blizzard decided to release costumes themselves.  However, besides that the Tauren looks very surprised, these costume additions have two major setbacks.  First is that they only have one thing out of five for the Alliance players and secondly, they’re all men’s costumes.  What, no love for the female geeks?  All around though, these latex costume pieces aren’t anything stellar and the Tauren mask just doesn’t look right at all.

The full list of the items are as follows, Orc Latex Mask for $49.99, Tauren Latex Mask for $142.99, Undead Latex Prosthetic Kit for $24.99, Night Elf Latex Prosthetic Kit for $14.99 and finally the Blood Elf Latex Prosthetic Kit for $14.99.  The Night Elf addition is a very creepy purple pair of ears.  Although these aren’t entirely new, I haven’t seen much about them since their release.  You can pick them up from Costumes  Inc.

Source: Gamerfront

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