Wiimote soap for gaming themed bathtime

by ally - on April 29th, 2009

If you liked the Xbox controller soap, you’ll likely enjoy this new gaming themed soap.  This time it’s in the shape of a Wiimote.  Tragically there is no wrist strap for the soap to keep things authentic, but the rest of the details looks so great that the lack of a strap can be overlooked.  It’s made by the same person, Digital Soaps on Etsy.   They also once again were nice enough to list the ingredients used, so if you’re sensitive to a certain ingredient, you’ll know if it’s in there.  They use such things as cocoa butter, coconut oil and an added fragrance.  Just try not to accidentally toss the soap through a TV, we know how those Wiimotes like to just fly off all on their own.  The soap will cost you $10 and there are plenty in stock.

Source: GadgetVenue

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