Water Balloon 3 Person Mega Launcher

by edwin - on April 15th, 2009

Water balloon fights are always fun, and with spring in full force, isn’t it time you got out for some fresh air as well as having a water balloon fight among your family members, followed by a nice barbecue dinner? Instead of relying on hand power that can only get a water balloon to fly so far, why not combine the might of three people with the Water Balloon 3 Person Mega Launcher? This will definitely be able to reach your opponents from a great distance before they can even come near to you, and the velocity at which this launches will be hard to avoid. Of course, just make sure you have a pretty good aim before you start or you’ll find yourself soaked by advancing forces in due time. The Water Balloon 3 Person Mega Launcher will retail for $4.95 and is said to last a lifetime of beach time fun.

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