VacuVin Party People Glass Markers

by edwin - on April 5th, 2009

You know how it is like in parties – whenever you have too much alcohol in your system, you tend to lose some of your mental faculties, causing you to do stupid stuff that could cost you your next job due to incriminating images of you posted online, or even losing track of your drink in the process. With the VacuVin Party People Glass Markers, you’ll stand a better chance at identifying your chalice of desired poison as you can choose to attach any of the 12 colorful little fiends known as the Party People. These glass pals will remain attached to your glass via suction cups located on their backs, and for just £3.98, you can choose from Curious (Yellow), Jolly (Orange), Devilish (Red), Mysterious (Light Green), Veggie (Green), Cuddly (Light Blue), Deep (Turquoise), Honest (White), Macho (Dark Blue), Sneaky (Black), Naughty (Pink), Cool (Purple).

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