USB Rubber Chicken is a hoot

by edwin - on April 7th, 2009

If you’re the resident joker at your office, then might we suggest you continue to live up to your name with the USB Rubber Chicken? This is a tiny USB flash drive that has been stuffed up a rubber chicken’s rear end, remaining there securely thanks to some effort with a screwdriver and a screw. A most gruesome circumstance indeed, to be in the position of the USB Rubber Chicken. This definitely goes against normal convention where USB flash drives are supposed to be small and easy to tote around, making this one prank device that will lighten up the mood at the office with the help of some sound effects from the office ventriloquist.

Source: Craziest Gadgets

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  1. F. says:

    What next? A rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle?

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