USB Dancing Robot dances to your music

by ally - on April 26th, 2009

Sometimes all you need to perk up the day is a perfectly pointless gadget.  Well this robot is definitely that, but being a robot, he can get away with it.  His purpose in life is to keep you entertained.  Flip on some music and this USB powered robot will dance on your desk for your own personal amusement.  Granted, he doesn’t have any super cool moves, he just sways and bobs his head a little, but you can’t help but appreciate that effort the little guy puts into it.  You can pick him up for $25 from USB Geek.  Be forewarned though, before you click that link, on the product page they loudly play music and show the robot dancing.  It plays over and over again and there is no way to pause it, so I’d advise muting it or it’ll drive you insane.

Source: GeekyToys

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