The Spring Hair Remover

by ally - on April 8th, 2009

Some products just really set off the B.S. meter, this product is definitely one of them.  I don’t care how you pitch it, but when you rip hair out by the roots, it hurts.  The hair is attached to you, so pulling it out isn’t going to tickle.  Most females know that already, so these ridiculous claims don’t usually get sellers anywhere.  That didn’t stop Sky Mall from trying anyway though.  This spring is supposed to be rolled over the hairy sections of your face to rip the hair out by the roots.  It claims there will be no pain, no redness, no rashes or sores.  It is meant to be easy for travel, but so are a pair of tweezers if you’re that concerned about hair while you’re on the go.  You can purchase this spring for $19.95.

Source: RGS

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