The Limited Edition Star Trek Titanium Sporks

by ally - on April 22nd, 2009

Think Geek has sold titanium sporks for a while now, I actually own one myself.  I thought it’d be awesome to own a titanium spork, what I didn’t account for was that I’d dislike the texture of the spork so much that I wouldn’t be able to stand using it.  Well now they’re offering up a new angle with their sporks.  For a limited time you can pick up a Star Trek themed spork.  Only 1701 of these will ever be made, so you’ll have to move quickly.  On the spork it even lists what number it is, such as 5 of 1701.  You can pick it up through Think Geek for $22.99.  Bear in mind, not everyone is as odd as myself about the texture, it’s just a little grainy is all.

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  1. Zenon says:

    Well now, they’re going for 49.95 on eBay as of today, so we’ll see if the movie has any effect on the titanium spork market.

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