The BarMaster Deluxe

by ally - on April 27th, 2009

If you’re just dying to become a bartender to your friends, you could probably use a little help.  This gadget will help you on your way.  To keep you entertained it has built-in bar jokes and even allows for you to hear the clink of ice and whir of a blender.  When you search for a drink it will tell you slang terms for the drink, the equipment you’ll need and the alcohol necessary.  When searching for different drinks, you can even search by occasion.  The all time best feature is that after entering the number of drinks you’ve consumed, your size and when your last drink was, it will tell you your blood/alcohol level.   However, you could easily pick up an app for your iPod Touch or iPhone to give you a portable drink guide and likely there’s one to check your blood alcohol levels as well.  Then you wouldn’t have yet another novelty gadget lying around collecting dust.  If you have no interest in owning the Touch or iPhone, you can pick the BarMaster instead for $38.95 from Amazon.

Source: GadgetGrid

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