Tea Dam Mug

by edwin - on April 2nd, 2009

Strange how the humble teacup has survived over the centuries without experiencing any paradigm shift in design. Well, all of that has changed with the introduction of the Tea Dam Mug. We personally think that this is too much trouble than it is worth, after all, that’s what the saucer is for, right? To place your used tea bag? Carving out a compartment on the side of my mug to damn in the tea bag just takes up more space which could be better used to hold more of that delicious beverage. If you insist on bringing this home, the Tea Dam Mug retails for £9.95 and comes in blue, pink and plum colors.

2 thoughts on “Tea Dam Mug”

  1. TUWD says:

    that’s one “dam” good mug.

  2. TUWD is one “dam” fucking retard

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