Raccoon USB Heating Wrist Cushion

by edwin - on April 27th, 2009

It is still cold in certain parts of the world (as well as those living in the tropics but have to endure chilling conditions of a server room or an efficiently air-conditioned office), so those who spend plenty of time in front of their computers might want to find a different way to keep their hands and wrists warm without having to slip on a cumbersome pair of gloves. Enter the Raccoon USB Heating Wrist Cushion which not only keeps your wrists warm when plugged in, it also helps alleviate stress on one’s wrists when seated in front of the computer for far too long. Just in case raccoons aren’t your thing, there is always a bovine version available, where either one will go for $15 each.

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  1. ally says:

    I would be highly disturbed by how intently it watched me all day long. Something about that stare makes me feel guilty for managing to hit a raccoon with my car years ago.

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