Lego shaped candles for geek themed romance

by ally - on April 28th, 2009

When one thinks of candlelight it’s usually associated with romance.  I suppose these could be too, at least for truly committed geeks.  Although you’ll be forking out a pretty penny to acquire these Lego inspired candles.  Which makes it a good idea to attempt to just make some of these yourself instead of paying up the whopping $48 per candle.  They come in red, blue and yellow.  Each one is 7 and ½” x 3” x 3”  and made out of soy wax.

Source: BBGadgets

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  1. tom says:

    i have one of these candles, and they burn for ever- one wick at least 10-12 hours- thats over 90 hours of candle- cant beat that for the price

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