ElectraPour makes parties more fun

by edwin - on April 4th, 2009

If you’re one who throws parties frequently and have a hobby of mixing drinks for your guests while showing off your bartendering skills, then the ElectraPour could make it onto your crazy gadget wish list. It might retail for an affordable £4.99, but think of the accolades you’ll receive when you use this to pour out booze for others in the dark!

Although it can take a matter of seconds to pour a shot out, it can seem like a lifetime if you’re the one wanting to swig it down, so the ElectraPour helps to provide a nice light show to keep everyone entertained in the meantime! We can’t claim to know all the ins and outs of the science behind the ElectraPour, but when the liquid passes through the pourer it activates the interior red LED light. Unlike other light-up pourers which simply flash when you pour, the ElectraPour actually lights up the stream of liquor pouring out of the spout.

Sounds like magic? Well, some people might actually believe you to be of divine origin when they see the ElectraPout at work – you know how having too much alcohol in the body can impair one’s mental faculties.

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