DreamFloatzz – the poor man’s yacht

by edwin - on April 25th, 2009

If you can’t afford a superyacht like those Forbes billionaires, fret not. There is always a (much more) affordable alternative, and this is where the DreamFloatzz comes in. Not exactly the epitome of luxury on water, but it does tout itself to be the “most luxurious, durable float ever made”! Gone are the days of vinyl or plastic floats that seee your skin stick to them through sweat, as the DreamFloatzz come in quality material that will be available in a wide range of stock colors and sizes. In addition, you can customize your company’s logo or embroider your name on the DreamFloatzz, making it safer for use in public pools. The DreamFloatzz Original measures approximately 55″ x 65″ and ought to be able to last for years with proper care and cleaning procedures.

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  1. Edie Gussman says:

    I floated on one at the lake and it is the most relaxing and safest float I have ever used. Since I don’t swim very well, I am reluctant to get onto a float for fear of tipping over and not being able to get my feet on the bottom. But this thing is virtually un-flipable. I ordered two.

  2. This is an awesome pool or waterfront float, they are awesome for multi use. Go from float pillow to luxury lounge chair in the water, perfect for extra sitting around the pool are in the boat.

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