Dinosaur Costume for Halloween lovers

by ally - on April 14th, 2009

Halloween is long gone, but this costume is still a great one to keep in mind for next year.  Especially since it will cost you a small fortune to get your hands on.  You’ll need plenty of time to save up dough for it.  It may cause your back to ache from being hunched over, but you’d have the most memorable costume around.  This particular costume was a custom job, but the seller has several others of the same type up for sale.  There are some that feature a gorilla or witch instead or other various animals.  There are even seasonal ones for Easter and Christmas.  The costumes with the prices listed range from $1100 to $1600.  Sadly, there aren’t any female versions of the costumes up for order, but they do offer custom costumes.

Source: Geekologie

4 thoughts on “Dinosaur Costume for Halloween lovers”

  1. Tim Vanstone says:

    Would like to rent your dinosaur for halloween if possible. I have made the box, but would need the dino to complete it.
    Thanks kindly.
    Tim Vanstone

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