Canned Oxygen is a sad but real product

by ally - on April 22nd, 2009

Remember in Spaceballs when President Skroob sucked down that can of air, denying that there could possibly be an air shortage?  I thought it was hilarious and thought no one could possibly market such a thing in real life.  Who knew that Mel Brooks could actually predict the future?  I suppose he is brilliant in his own way.  Next there will be space ships that transform into Mega Maid.  For now though, the only thing that I know of that’s come true is the beyond ridiculous canned air.  These cans of air claim to relieve stress, headaches and all kinds of ailments including hangovers.  From my Google searches I have yet to come across a single person that has tried these and doesn’t think it’s total bull.  If you’d like to try for yourself though, you can choose between the flavors Mountain Mint, Polar Rush, Citrus Blast and Tropical Breeze.  You can purchase these for anywhere from $9.99 on up to $134.99.

Source: NerdApproved

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