Bullshit Megaphone does all the dirty work

by edwin - on April 10th, 2009

Do you know of people who tend to speak more than they should, and most of the time what they say are actually blown out of proportion from reality? Give them a reality check with the Bullshit Megaphone – all you need to do is press the Bullshit Horn and it will blast out the following R-rated phrases at random (8 in total) :-

  • You can’t Bullshit a Bullshitter
  • *Siren sound* Warning, Warning, you are so full of Bullshit!
  • He’s got weapons of mass Bullshit!

Powered by a couple of AAA batteries, this is definitely one fun toy to have, and family reunions will be made all the better. Pick up the Bullshit Megaphone for $6.95 a pop.

One thought on “Bullshit Megaphone does all the dirty work”

  1. gerald says:

    when will the bullshit megaphones be available? we would like 25each.

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