Track your pup’s exercise with a pedometer for dogs

by ally - on March 16th, 2009

For those pet owners that live to drive their dog insane, try strapping a pedometer on your pup.  It’s hours of fun watching them run round and round attempting to catch that little electronic device and chew it to pieces.  You can also then track how many miles your dog runs when running all through your house.  This pedometer is capable of tracking four feet instead of the two that your average pedometer tracks.  It is also able to disregard any shaking or nodding from the dog.  On the LCD screen it can show one of 32 icons that will illustrate your dog’s various activities throughout the day, such as taking a nap.  It also works as a name tag and runs on a button cell that will work for about a month.   It comes in four different colors and can be purchased for 4725 Yen or about $55.  Personally, $55 seems a bit steep to me for something that’s just going to become a chew toy.

Source: Newlaunches

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