theCRICKETtoy plays some strings

by edwin - on March 19th, 2009

Ever experienced a moment in a group conversation where an awkward silence suddenly blankets the entire area? Well, what better way than to have theCRICKETtoy ease the situation by playing the sound of crickets? Weird, that’s for sure, and it might not win you any points with the boss in a corporate boardroom during a serious meeting. Well, at least the $5 price tag makes this one of the more random purchases which you’ll never use in your lifetime. I’m personally looking forward for a frog version…ribbit!

Source: ChipChick

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  1. OK..we’ll work on a ‘frog’ one. It appears that 15,000 crickets in our garage attract mice. I wonder what 15,000 frogs will attract.
    Chirp. Chirp.

    Nice review, by the way. Enjoyed it.

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