Star Wars Minnie and Mickey siblings

by ally - on March 5th, 2009

Yes that’s right, Disney is so obsessed with making Mickey the star in every role he plays that they cast him as Minnie Mouse’s brother. Maybe my childhood memory is slightly skewed, but I could have sworn that Mickey dates Minnie quite often, not just gets a quick kiss from Minnie like Luke does Leia. Poor Mickey Mouse. Each character will have 600 available and will be released at about the 2nd week in June. They will be divided up, 500 of each will be available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and then the remaining 100 of each sent off to Disneyland. There will be Mickey Luke, Minnie Leia, Goofy Chewie and Donald in Carbonite. Did they have to stick poor Minnie with Donald? He slobbers. They will retail for $195 each.

Source: Geekologie

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