Reboot tool for the super lazy

by edwin - on March 17th, 2009

Seriously, how lazy can you get? Apparently, VERY. This is what the Reboot Tool is all about – instead of using a trio of your fingers to hold down Ctrl , Alt and Del keys on your Windows-powered machine, all you need to do is press it down and you’re good to go. Nice to see it come with built-in sliders to accommodate just about any keyboard size. Definitely worth a laugh, and an honorable mention on Foolish Gadgets.

Source: TechE Blog

0 thoughts on “Reboot tool for the super lazy”

  1. JasonM says:

    I like reading your site, but do you even bother dude? I keep seeing you posting the same crap that’s already been done. If you don’t care enough to read your own site, why should I?

  2. edwin says:

    Sorry Jason – I didn’t fire up my RSS reader. Strike two for me, one more and I’m out 🙁

  3. tomaz says:

    that would be bad… i hope they keep you… :/

  4. nina says:

    uh, if you are paralyzed or an amputee, this is not a joke, dude.

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