Office Supplies to avoid if you want to keep your job

by ally - on March 12th, 2009

We are unfortunately indeed in a recession, we’ve all had to come to accept it.  Now that we are, clinging to your job is as important as ever as the unemployment rates go up.  So in order to help you out and make sure you keep that job, here is a list of products you should probably avoid keeping at your desk.  That is at least until your boss doesn’t have such a long list of applicants to replace you.  First on the list are these trusty file folders from Perpetual Kid that come in packs of six at $8.49.  I know, it does make it easier to keep organized.  However, your boss might just get huffy when they read the print on the folder.

I know it’s obnoxious when your coworkers steal your stapler.  You should most definitely stick it to them and hand them this one that would cost you $6.99.  At least you should have before the recession.  Now that it’s going on, there are too many scenarios where this could go wrong.  One of which being that you leave this out on your desk and your boss snatches it up to use it before you can warn him.  Probably not the best way to get employee of the month.

I know, a simple little $6.99 bell hardly seems like a devious item that would result in getting you canned.  For safety reasons, it’s best to keep away from this item though.  It would be entirely too tempting for you to force your boss to ring it while you’re still at your desk and giggle like a schoolgirl when they finally do ring the bell.

This $7.99 Work-Avoidance Report Card is a magnetic dry erase board meant to sit out for all the world to see.  I’m sure you can already see why that might be a bad idea.  The first time you check “Rewriting to-do list”, “Email and IM diligence” or “Aimless roaming” it might cause the head honcho to get a little disgruntled about your work ethic.

Finally, when your boss asks you to sign an important document in front of some clients, insisting upon using your “lucky pen” isn’t such a bad thing.  However, when that lucky pen is this $14.99 pen in the shape of a Crayola Crayon, it could be bad.  Especially when you really take it home with bouncing up and down a little and cackling with glee over using your special pen.

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  1. JonelB says:

    I want the Crayola pen SO BADLY.
    Also, I had the shock pen when I was a kid. I loved loaning it out.

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