Mens Body Shaper hides your beer gut

by ally - on March 10th, 2009

Those of you men that are jealous of all those extra undergarments women can buy that shape their body, can now have something of your own.  With women there is something for every issue, too small of a butt, too large, a little extra belly, even legs that aren’t quite tight enough.  Guys get nothing though, they just have to put on a t-shirt and deal with it.  Well now you can have a man girdle to get rid of your beer belly woes.  It even helps with poor posture while it’s at it.  You can pick these up through Taylor Gifts, they have sizes ranging from medium on up to XXL  All that for $19.98.

Source: RGS

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  1. scarabeetle101 says:

    that guy looks like he’s struggling to breathe.

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