Bubble Buddy blows flavored bubbles

by ally - on March 6th, 2009

Now this is brilliance at its best.  Dogs and kids are all the time popping bubbles and sometimes it’s with their mouth.  Actually, my dog thinks that an alien invasion has begun and hides the second you start blowing bubbles.  However, a normal less cowardly dog does enjoy eating bubbles.  Well with this awesome bubble gun, now both kids and dogs will love them even more.  Well, ok, it’s actually meant for dogs, but kids are just as bad.  These safe non-toxic bubbles come in bacon, chicken or peanut butter flavored bubbles.  I just wouldn’t let them go drinking the entire thing of bubbles.  The bubble gun doesn’t use batteries and is cheap.  You can pick it up for $9.25 and get the replacement 2-pack of bubbles for $4.25.

Source: Geekologie

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