Astounding Keyring Kite

by edwin - on March 12th, 2009

Even if you’re all grown up, those who have had the joy of flying a kite in their younger days will surely wish that during certain times in their life when they’ve just stepped outside of the home or office, one would wish for a small kite to meet the strong breeze that’s blowing across the land, even but for a few minutes to escape from the dreariness of life. Well, with the Astounding Keyring Kite, that is now possible – the kite itself is nearly folded into a small pouch, where it can be unleased to form a perfect kite within moments. This fully functional kite measures 1.5 feet wide by approximately 3 feet in diameter when fully open, and crams into a 1″ x 3″ in diameter keychain when folded back. $6.95 is the asking price for this.