USB Traffic Prompter

by edwin - on February 20th, 2009

One of the thing about writing for Foolish Gadgets is, it can be really hard trying to make a point for something that has no point for its existence. Take for example, the USB Traffic Prompter that you see above here. All it does is enable you to act out your childhood fantasy of chasing a baddie in your cop car, although this doesn’t emit any siren sounds to complete the picture. It gives out that irritating blue and red flashing light, and we’re pretty sure your colleagues won’t appreciate it after leaving it on for more than a minute. Nice to know it has an on/off button so that you know when to quit. Just in case you want to bring this case of irritation away from the computer, it can be powered by a trio of AA batteries instead of relying on USB power. The USB Traffic Prompter will retail for $18 a pop.

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